Jan 12th, Coming Soon

1 to 2 player Co-op.


Space Cycler is a retro style tunnel shooter, a type of shoot 'em up game that can bring you a whole new challenging and wonderful experience. In the game, you will control a spaceship to fly through a tunnel space in the universe and move along a circular rail clockwise or counterclockwise to shoot enemies and dodge bullets in the center. Your goal is to defeat the evil alien invaders who like to destroy planets and rob resources.

In addition, it’s so simple to play that you just need to drag a slider on the screen. It's fine-tuned for you to play with only a single hand on your mobile device, so you can play it anytime, anywhere.


Co-operation playing mode is also another benefit of the tunnel shooter game that you can play from any direction. Either playing with friends face to face or playing 2 spaceships at once just by yourself can give you a lot of pleasures.

When you play in the co-op mode, there is also a rescue function that allows you to save your partner’s life. Watch out though, the two spaceships will collide and rebound with each other, so be careful!


There are many kinds of spaceships with different weapons for you to choose. Every kind of weapon can be upgraded by getting POWER UP items in the game. There are also BOMB items which you can use to destroy all the bullets and do huge damage to the enemies in the battle field.


There are five levels for you to challenge. You need to defeat the octopus-like alien armies moving in the weird paths. They sometimes ride on powerful battleships and fire a large amount of bullets on you. There are also big-eyed engineers who like to dig into and destroy planets. Their construction machineries have strong destructive power. Only after you destroy the giant alien nest at the end of the universe can the world find a peace for a while.